New Year New Healthy You Toolkit


The New Year New Healthy You Toolkit is a 75 page interactive guide designed to take the thinking out of your wellness journey. It contains a 4 week meal plan in addition to exercise regiment and mindset connection. This guide will help you transform your mind, body and soul ! My goal with this meal plan is not for you all to follow every single recipe, but to inspire you ! This plan contains the tools to make healthy living possible for you not only now, but for years to come! Please refer to this guide anytime you are stumped as to what to prepare for the week or need a healthy meal.  

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Jump Start to Wellness Guide


A 20 page guide which contains wellness tips, eating pattern guidelines, recipe ideas and product recommendations to support your journey to a healthy lifestyle. 

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Webinar: Is Butter a Carb? Carbohydrates 101

This is a recorded webinar discussing the basics of carbohydrates/ What foods can be classified as carbohydrates ? Good carbs vs. bad carbs. How are carbohydrates turned into energy? How to read net carbohydrates on a food label, resources to count carbohydrates and myths surrounding them. 

Webinar: Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, Actionable Steps You can Take Today

This is a recorded webinar discussing useful tips to help you prevent, reverse or manage your Type 2 diabetes. We discuss insulin use, carbohydrate counting, healthy plate mode, cortisol management and sleep for diabetes. 

Gut Health Webinar: You are what you digest 

This is a recorded webinar discussing the importance of gut (digestive) health in overall health and wellness. Learn how the gut is tied to immune health, cravings, appetite, mental health and so much more. Learn what a probiotic is and how to incorporate them into your diet today. This topic is important for anyone who wants to decrease inflammation improve digestion and decrease bloating, increase absorption of nutrients, improve mental health, immune system, energy levels etc.

Webinar: The keys to unlocking your success code and smashing goals


This is a recorded webinar discussing useful tips to help you harness your internal motivations and accomplish all of the goals you desire!

Webinar: Surviving and Thriving in Quarantine, Tips to come out stronger physically and mentally


This is a recorded webinar discussing useful tips to help you thrive despite the uncertainty of a situation. These tips are helpful not only for when you are quarantining but for any time in life you want to maintain a healthy lifestye.

Mindful and Intuitive Eating Webinar


This is a recorded webinar discussing how to apply the principles of mindful and intuitive eating in your daily life. This non-diet approach to eating encourages listening to your hunger cues, fullness feelings and satisfaction signals. This topic is important for anyone who wants to heal a negative relationship with food, struggles with binge eating/food addictions, has trouble with portion control, has difficulty "knowing when to stop", is an emotional eater, has poor body image, is a chronic yo--yo dieter, wants to follow their intuition, wants to learn more about this non-diet approach to eating




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