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2023 Wellness Calendar

2023 Wellness Calendar
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Happy New Year 🎆

In an effort to promote your highest level of wellbeing in the new year we will be introducing some changes to our wellness program. Check out the calendar below and see all the new and exciting things we have in store for 2023!

Managers: Please print and share with associates who don't have a Famous e-mail. A couple things to note:

Mindful Minute: Beginning in 2023 we will have a bimonthly “Mindful Minute”. This is a 10-15 minute zoom meeting at various times throughout the month to practice a guided meditation or mindfulness prompt. Healthy Hero: Is there someone at your branch or site that you feel inspires you to live a healthier lifestyle or promotes wellbeing? Nominate them and we will highlight them in a future HR or Wellness newsletter First Fridays: Every first Friday of the month we will host a webinar via zoom on a variety of different wellness topics. The first webinar will be this Friday, January 6. Cook with Coach: Every other month our Health Coach and in-house Registered Dietitian Kaitlyn Nemunaitis will host a live cooking demo via zoom to teach you how to cook simple healthy recipes. Recipes will be sent out prior to the event so you can cook along with us ! 1-1 Health Coaching:1-1 virtual or telephonic coaching can be scheduled on an ongoing basis by e-mailing or by booking here: Health and Wellness Consultation. A health coach is your personal health cheerleader, guide and partner. They help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your overall wellbeing. Health coaching is not solely limited to weight loss or nutrition but also encompasses sleep, stress relief, smoking, chronic diseases and more. There is no better time than now to set up a health coaching appointment to help you achieve all of your 2023 wellness goals!

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