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5 Recipes to try in Quarantine

Hello beautiful people !

We are all stuck in our houses, so why not join me for a glass of wine and a lovely meal ?

Don't know how to cook ? Good thing this recipe is goof proof!

Don't have time? Luckily this will only take 20 minutes before you can delightfully indulge in your own masterpiece.

Don't want to cook? that's why I invited your kids to join (free help)!

Your kids are bugging you? Luckily this is free entertainment (I can even show them my amazing tiktok dance moves while we're at it).

I may also add, a great opportunity to teach them the value in cooking for yourself !

Free entertainment for them. Free help for you. Food for all. Its win win! 😄

Tomorrow. 6 pm. It's a date!

I have been cooking up a STORM since being quarantined to my apartment. I love trying different recipes because it has led me to some of my favorites that make healthy living EASY and more importantly, DELICIOUS. It also gives me more ideas to share with all of you. =)

Quarantine Meals I have made and loved these past couple weeks:

One Pan Basil Halloumi Chicken with Tomatoes (drizzle with balsamic glaze)

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