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RETHINK YOUR DRINK Challenge Workbook
Download PDF • 9.94MB

✨The quickest and easiest route to weight loss, increased energy and vitality is replacing sugar or artificially sweetened beverages in your diet with more nutritious alternatives. ✨ For the month of August, we are challenging you to Rethink Your Drink!🥤

The challenge will be 31 days of no sugar or artificially sweetened beverages.

This includes beverages containing sugar or sweetener such as diet or regular soda pop, energy drinks, juice, sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade, coffee with added sweeteners or syrups, flavored waters/seltzers, alcohol with added sugar etc.

but wait...

What foods contain sugar? How do I read labels? What is the difference between added and natural sugar???? 😱😨

Have no fear...for the next 4 weeks I am enrolling you in SUGAR SCHOOL!🎓✨

I will teach you the ins and outs of sugar: How to find it on labels, the different kinds, how to reduce cravings and smart sugar swaps.

In addition, I have attached your handy dandy challenge workbook which includes a beverage index and list of sugar synonyms for reference. By the end of this challenge, you will be a certified sugar EXPERT!

The benefits? One month of increased energy, gut health, immunity, mood, decreased cravings, blood sugar, risk for chronic disease ++so much more!

You can do anything for just one month! After the challenge is complete you are welcome to embrace sugar again, but I have a feeling you won’t want to! 😜

If you would like to sign up for the challenge, click the link below and stay tuned for more info. I am so excited for this journey with you!

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