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Coffee Break: Chair Yoga Stretch with Judith Eugene Reiki Master

This week's focus is self- care! To honor our self-care, Reiki and Yoga Instructor Judith Eugene will be leading the group through gentle seated yoga poses and stretches and discussing various health and posture principles. Turn your coffee break into a healthy wake-up for your body and your mind. Learn some quick stretches and yoga poses that you can do throughout the day to keep your muscles limber, your joints moving, and your mind clear. It's a great way to maintain health and reduce stress. We will also learn breathing techniques that can be used to energize you during that afternoon slump or calm you after that challenging meeting. Participants will need a chair without wheels. If possible, the chair should also have a flat seat and be without arms - but it's ok if not.

About Judith: Judith Eugene, Founder of the Loving Hands Group and Loving Hands Yoga and Reiki, provides holistic healing services for people from age 3 to 103, at all levels of ability. She works with individuals as well as groups. Judith lectures at major businesses and universities throughout Ohio on various topics related to wellness and positive living. Her award-winning work has been featured on television and radio, as well as in major newspapers and magazines. Judith is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master Teacher. She likes to say that she provides "Healing Arts for Happy Hearts".

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