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Healthy Lunch Challenge

March is National Nutrition Month ! In honor of my favorite month I have decided to do a Healthy Lunch Challenge! So, here's how it will go.

  • Send me a picture of your healthy lunch and list what's in it.

  • All entries will be compiled and I will draw 3 winners randomly as well as chose my top 3 favorites for prizes at the end of the month.

  • More healthy lunches = more entries.

  • It is up to my discretion to determine whether your lunch meets the healthy criteria. Refer to the charts below or reach out to me if you are unsure.

  • This challenge starts tomorrow March 4 and will end April 1. Exactly 4 weeks.

  • To complete this challenge and earn a fancy completion certificate you must send in at least 16 healthy lunches (that's 4 per week). This will also earn you 4 more entries into the prize drawing! Feel free to use the attached log to help keep track.

What you eat has a tremendous impact on your overall health and quality of life. Your diet can either fuel your body or drag you down. Lets make this month your best yet by challenging ourselves to have as many healthy lunches as possible. Cutting back on heavily processed foods, or “fake foods”, and replacing them with real food is one of the easiest ways to reduce calories and sugar, feel more energized, and keep your body healthy and happy. This challenge is about feeling good, properly fueling your body and giving it the nutrients it needs to sustain a healthy weight, healthy mind, and healthy brain function. ​ Real Foods to include in your Healthy Lunch: Fruits (berries, apples, bananas etc.)

Fish such as tuna, salmon, smoked salmon, mackerel, shrimp etc.

Vegetables (lettuce, bell peppers, cucumber slices etc.)

Eggs (hardboiled, scrambled etc.)

Beans, Legumes, Bean pasta, Tofu, Tempeh

Nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew etc.)

Whole Grains such as whole wheat bread or brown rice, whole grain crackers, oatmeal

Protein Powders, Protein Shake/Smoothie

Lean meats such as chicken or turkey

Nuts and SeedsHummus

Air popped popcorn

Plain Greek yogurt

Sweet potatoes, Beets, Turnips

Dried fruit such as Unsweetened raisins

Dark Chocolate Foods to Replace: Fast Foods/ Convenience Foods

White Bread

Frozen meals such as hungry man, banquet, Marie Callendar's, Healthy Choice

Bagged chips, potato chips, Ritz crackers

Processed meats such as hot dogs, bacon, sausages (look for nitrate free instead)

Cookies, doughnuts

Sugary Granola Bars or protein bars (read your labels)

Snack Cakes or Pies such as Little Debby

Candy Pretzels Soda, fruit punch, lemonade, sweet tea

Easy Cheese, American Cheese

Pop Tarts/Toaster Strudel

Fruit Snacks/Gushers/Fruit Roll ups

Frozen Pizza/French Fries

Fried Foods

Sugary Cereals or Oatmeal

Ramen Noodles For this challenge, we consider a healthy lunch to be comprised of foods that are minimally processed or not processed at all. Aim to enjoy foods in their most whole forms as close as possible to the way you might find them in nature. Replace the foods which are ultra-processed, packaged or fast foods that include dozens of unrecognizable ingredients, chemicals, and additives and offer very little nutrients in return. ​ The bottom line is that replacing fake food with real food is a simple and delicious way to reduce calories, consume more essential vitamins and minerals, and maintain a more balanced diet. Good food means good mood. So excited to see your healthy lunches!! =) lets do this.

Use this to help log:

Healthy Lunch tracker log
Download PDF • 210KB

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