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May Challenge: Steppin Into Summer

Time to dust off your running shoes. Next Saturday, May 1 we will "kick" off our annual company-wide steps competition. 😄

It will once again be a BRANCH ON BRANCH SHOWDOWN with winners in two categories: higest average steps and total steps.

Is your branch is the best, the toughest, the strongest or most fit, now is your time to prove it!

Defending champions are Newark and Corporate who took home the titles for highest average steps and total steps respectively.

Last year we took over 20 MILLION steps as a company and this year I want to see that number DOUBLED.

Heres how it will work:

  1. All steps will be tracked in your branch spreadsheet (I will be sharing this with your branch next week).

  2. You DO NOT need a fitness watch to track steps- almost all phones now have this as a built in feature. Just make sure you bring it with you when you're on the go.

  3. Non-step excercises such as yoga, bike riding, strength training CAN be converted into steps using the chart below.

  4. Find an accountability buddy by encouraging your co-workers to join in on the fun. You will be more successful personally and as a team the more of you that participate.

  5. Atleast 15% of your branch must participate to win the average steps category

  6. At corporate I will be hosting Walking Wednesdays. Each Wednesday I will walk at 10:30 am at coporate and I invite you to join me. Giftcards will be randomly given out for participants. If you would like to host walking wednesdays at your branc we can do the same.

If you would really like to participate in this challenge, but dont have a fitness watch drop me a few lines as to why you believe this will make you more sucessfull on your wellness journey/ in the challenge and I will pick 3 people to give one to. 🙂

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