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September Spark Challenge


The annual Spark Fit City Challenge begins next Wednesday, September 1. 🎉🎉

This will be our 3rd year competing in the fit city challenge as the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS! That's right, we won the challenge the past two years in a row and it's time to defend our title! Grab your co-workers or family and help Famous prove that we still GOT IT! 💃 The challenge runs September 1-October 15.

What is it?

A competition to determine the most active company headquartered in Akron, as well as the fittest participating city in the country.

We are not only competing against other companies headquartered in Akron but each other as well !

There will be a company leaderboard so you can see where you stack up in the competition as well as where Famous stacks up against other companies and cities.

How to join:

All you need to do is pick your favorite physical activity - walking, biking, swimming, basketball, soccer, roller skating, moving the lawn etc. - and track the minutes you spend doing it every day in the Spark360 dashboard or Spark360 app.

If you walk your dog for 60 minutes that's 60 active minutes. Clean the house for 2 hours? that's 120 active minutes.

The more active minutes we compile, the more likely we are to win!

If you live in the Akron area the fall spree also begins September 1 and is a great opportunity for active minutes.

The goal is to get at least 140 active minutes a week.

Thats only 20 minutes a day every day.

or 28 minutes a day 5 days a week.

or 35 minutes a day 4 days a week.

or 70 minutes a day 2x a week!

..I think you get the idea, but of course you are welcome to do more than that!

How to get started:✅Sign up here: SparkAkron OH (✅Download the Spark360 app and log in using the same username and password you used to sign up for the challenge. If you participated last year, you can use the same account. ✅If you have a Fitbit, Google Fit or Apple Health you can link your account directly to the app, so your fitness minutes automatically sync. ✅Get active and start racking up your minutes ! It's really that easy.

Family members are welcome to join in on the fun as well ! For more info and FAQ click here or reach out to me with your questions. Let's show these other companies what we've got 💪💪💪

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