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Staying Active From Home?

With all of us spending more time at home due to recent events I would like to bring you some tangible tips over the next couple weeks as how to handle this change in your routine.

We truly have two options in all of this:

Stay home, live in fear and anxiety, eat unhealthy, sit on the couch, binge eat and watch Netflix all day


Stay home, read books, enjoy nature, meditate, think positively and see the good in this situation, work on self-growth, become the healthiest version of yourself, move your body more, take advantage of extra time with your family/partner/pets/self, breathe, play!

The choice is YOURS !

First, lets talk about staying active:

Movement is MEDICINE.

It improves sleep, energy levels, immune system, mental health, blood sugar, weight, anxiety etc. etc.

The benefits are innumerable, but how do we do this since all gyms have shuttered their doors!?

Your Daily Commute

The first way I recommend you stay active (especially if working from home) is implementing a daily "commute" !

Normally we have the drive to and from work as a time to decompress and disconnect.

Continue this routine by going for a morning and evening walk instead of your typical "commute".

Set hourly reminders to move or stretch !

Its easy to get tied to your chair and not want to get up. Set reminders/alarms on your phone or calendar appointments to remind yourself to move/stretch.

Take a lap around your house, do 20 jumping jacks or 10 pushups or 5 burpees. What ever gives you a good energy rush.

You will actually be MORE productive taking these mini breaks rather than trying to work right through the day.

Join my steps group : I made a group for those of us that want to stay steppin and connected on the app "Stridekick". Groups are limited to 10 people and works for iPhone, google, fitbit, garmin etc. Feel free to join for some additional accountability ! Group 1 (only 2 spaces left): Group 2 (try joining this before 3): Group 3 (if others are full, will add a fourth if need be):

Gyms are closed but that doesn't mean you can't workout from home.

I am attaching to this e-mail 2 workout plans that were put together by personal trainers who normally charge $70+ for these plans but are sending them out for free in light of the current situation. One includes at home workouts that do not use weights and one does use weights. Like I said above, make it easy on yourself and set an appointment for exercise, otherwise it will likely end up side tracked.

Here is an example from the attached guide:

Here are some gyms that are offering live workouts via Instagram/Facebook/Youtube:

@Doyourumble various times on Instagram live

@tremontathletic 12:30 pm on Instagram live

@modoyogala various times on Instagram live

@basecampfitness on Instagram

Planet Fitness 7 pm on Facebook or any time on their Youtube Channel

Fitness Blender Free Cardio Stregth and Stretch exercises anytime

at home workouts
Download PDF • 2.40MB

home workout with weights
Download PDF • 42.41MB

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