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3 Ingredient Banana Nut Bread Cookies

My Sebring CDC family had to put up with me for 2 whole days this week. Lucky them right =) In return I made them these cookies which were a hit, secretly healthy annnnd only 45 calories a pop! ( 7 carb, 1.5 fat and 1 protein)
Oatmeal - Complex Carbohydrate, gluten-free, rich in a type of fiber called beta-glucan which can help lower cholesterol. Walnuts - Heart Healthy omega-3 + 6 fats and antioxidants (the cancer-fighting good stuff!!) Banana - Potassium (lowers blood pressure), fiber rich, and muy delicioso !
That's right only 3 Ingredients! Give them a try- They are vegan, gluten free and added sugar free.

3 Ingredient Banana Nut Bread Cookies
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