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Self Care in Quarantine

One of the toughest symptoms this Corona Virus pandemic has inflected on all of us is stress and anxiety.
Kids aren't in school, we're condemned to our houses and finding hand soap or toilet paper is a battle in itself.

Ongoing stress makes us susceptible to illness and disease because the brain sends defense signals to the endocrine system, which then releases an array of hormones that not only gets us ready for emergency situations but severely depresses our immune system at the same time.

It is easy to fall into the void of stress and anxiety, but I challenge you to try something else.

Equanimity .

Equanimity arises from the power of observation—the ability to see without getting too caught up by what we see and creating unnecessary drama in the mind. It can be summarized by the phrase “just be cool with it”. This doesn’t mean to not act on the situation at hand but rather to respond to the situation rather than mindlessly, emotionally react to it.
Do you want to remain resilient, positive and harness your powers of ~equanimity~ during these trying times? Give these mindful practices a shot!

Daily Meditation​​ ​ ​

Meditation is a relaxation technique that aims to make people more aware of the present moment. The aim is to acknowledge all the thoughts, feelings, and sensations happening within and outside the body without reacting to them.I know most people see meditation as strange and not for them. I used to be one of those people as well, until one day I let down my guard and gave it a chance. Start small, even as small as 1 minute, with time it will become easier.

My favorite meditation apps:
✨Insight Timer- a free app that offers a full library of guided meditations. Use Insight’s search tool to find a meditation that meets your time requirements (as short as one minute) and addresses your need state (sleep, stress, overeating).
✨Head Space- Guided meditation with your choosing of the speakers accent. Has paid options but I just stick with the free version. =)
✨YouTube- Guided Meditation
✨ 24 short mindfulness practices

Breathing Exercises
On your own or when facing a stressful situation practice this breathing exercise:
Breathe in for 4 Seconds​
Hold Breath for 7 Seconds​
Breathe out for 8 Seconds​
Repeat as many times as needed

Research shows that this type of "relaxing breathing" may help​
✅Ease Anxiety​
✅Help with Falling Asleep​
✅Manage Cravings​

Y oga has been scientifically proven to keep you more resilient to stressful conditions.
Try these:
Yoga with Adriene

Basic Yoga Poses

Shine App

A motivational app that shares daily quotes and research-backed articles to boost confidence & happiness.

Now do it with me INHALE ….. EXHALE …. Doesn't it feel good to just breathe !?!?
Try one of these ? Try them all ? What ever you do if you are feeling stressed or anxious, please do something !!

I am grateful I can provide you this information as it is more important now than ever.
If you ever need additional support you can schedule an appointment with me directly HERE .

Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy !

Self Care in Quarantine
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