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Smart Shopping in a Pandemic

Hey all you cool cats and kittens !

What adjustments have you made to optimize your grocery shopping and meal planning?
We are all learning how to be better prepared and minimize trips to the grocery store.

Follow these smart shopping and meal planning tips to help you reduce food waste and your trips to the grocery store.

If you need some recipe inspo here are some GREAT ideas:
20 healthy meal ideas (links)
39 healthy casseroles
7 easy and healthy soups or chilis
P.S.- make sure you wash your fruits and veggies very thoroughly as they likely have been touched by many different hands. P.S.S.- Do not sleep on the bean pastas !!! Most of the white pastas at my grocery stores have been sold out leaving these guys fully in stock. Jokes on everyone else because they are a healthier option and taste GREAT! The barilla brand red lentil or banza brand chickpea pastas are my favorite. Add some chicken sausage, chopped brussel sprouts, onion, tomato and liquid aminos and you've got an awesome yummy dinner for the whole fam !
CSMs please print this message and share with your associates?
Healthy wishes Famous family, I am grateful fo r ALL of you !

Smart Shopping in a Pandemic
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