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Summer Snacks & Sides Part 3: Crunchy Cucumber + Sweet Pepper Summer Salad 🥗

🥗Next up on our Summer Snacks & Sides Series:

Crunchy Cucumber + Sweet Pepper Summer Salad 🥗

A crispy crunchy salad that’s packed with refreshing veggies and hydrating. So easy and perfect for summer cookouts or a quick work lunch.

Why you will love this salad:

  • Only takes a few minutes to make!

  • Makes a perfect side dish to any meal: Try pairing it with chicken, rice and tzatziki!

  • Makes it easy to get your veggie servings in for the day.

  • Lets of yummy textures going on between the sweet peppers, crunchy cucumbers and creamy feta cheese.

  • Cucumbers are incredibly good for you and super hydrating!

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