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Webinar: Shedding Light on Depression, Anxiety and Recovery

We all have moments when we feel down or nervous. Often, these feelings are fleeting and pass within a short time. However, this is not always the case. This webinar focuses on raising awareness about stress, anxiety and depression, demystifying the symptoms and treatment options. We will provide information for you or a loved one on how to get help.

About the speaker: Alan Gecht is a mental health counselor and account manager with IMPACT Solutions. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Alan has had a wide range of clinical experiences including individual and group psychotherapy as well as substance abuse treatment. Most recently, Alan has worked as part of an integrated care team in a primary care clinic in Madison, WI and is passionate about improving access to mental health care. Alan is a firm believer that employee health and wellness contributes to overall organizational success. Alan enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and sons.

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